Bellringers rules 1902 St. Mary's Great Milton



October, 1902.

1. The Vicar shall be President.

2. The Ringers shall all be members of the Church of England, and shall elect annually on New Year’s Day a Leader and Treasurer, with the approval of the Vicar and Churchwardens.

3. The Leader may appoint a Deputy-leader to take his place when he is unavoidably absent, who shall be responsible for the time being.

4. Any New Member shall be chosen by the Ringers themselves, subject to the approval of the Vicar and Churchwardens.

5. No person shall be allowed in the Belfry without the permission of the Leader or Deputy-leader

6. The Belfry being part of God’s House the same reverence shall be observed by uncovering the head and by quiet and orderly conduct, as in any other part of the church.

7. The belfry door must be kept locked during the ringing of a peal.

8. A peal shall be rung on Sundays at 10.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m., and on the Great Festivals of the Church.

9. The Ringers shall make an Annual Collection from the inhabitants of the Parish, which shall be apportioned among them on New Year’s Eve; but fees for ringing for Weddings and other special occasions shall be divided by the Ringers at the time.

10. Strange Ringers wishing for the use of the Belfry must make special application to the Vicar, or in his absence to one of the Churchwardens.

11. Fines shall be imposed for misbehaviour (3d.), neglect of attendance at the practice (ld.), and on Sundays (2d.) without reasonable cause.

12. All disputes to be referred to the Vicar, who will also decide as to the dismissal of any member.


Vicar of Great Milton

October 22nd, 1902.