Great Milton Jubilee ringers 2012

Clockwise from bottom - Graham Griffiths : Michael Hayes : Pat Cox : Stefan D'Anger : Alan Booker : Patricia Walker : Adele Read : Jack Pearce

Great Milton Jubilee ringers 2012

Pat Cox : Michael Hayes : Patricia Walker : Stefan D'Anger : Graham Griffiths : Jack Pearce : Alan Booker : Adele Read

GMB Ringers 2010

Mark Hunter : Raymond Fergusson : Jack Pearce : Michael Hayes : Alan Booker Pat Cox : Paul Simms : Adele Read : Patricia Walker : Graham Griffiths

New Recruits 2010

Tower Captain - Graham Griffiths : Adele Read : Jack Pearce

BBQ film show 2010

Great Milton Bellringers St. Paul's 2008

We were privileged to have a conducted tour of St. Paul's Cathedral, including the Bells and Ringing chamber

BBQ Chefs

Paul, Ray and Stefan

Santa visits the Bellringers 2007

Graham Griffiths [the boss] Mark Hunter : Patricia Walker : Michael Hayes : Raymond Fergusson : Paul Simms : Santa : Alan Booker

Bellringers Bash 2007

Bellringers Bash 2006

GM Bellringers Bowling night 2004

Ringers St Mary's Great Milton 2003

Great Milton Bellringers on the roof of St. Mary's 2003

Tower Captain Graham Griffiths : Stefan D'Anger : Paul Simms : Pat Hingley : Alan Booker : Pat Cox : Patricia Walker : Barbara Hingley : Ray Fergusson : Mark Hunter : Michael Hayes : Michael O'Brien

Great Milton Bellringers 2003

Bells fund raising Concert St Mary's 2001

Paul, Graham and Alan

GMB Sponsored Walk 2001

Great Milton Bellringers photo gallery

The gallery photographs allow you to share in the social activities of the Great Milton Bellringers. The ringers have an annual Christmas Dinner where Graham the captain reflects upon the highlights of the past year.

Graham Griffiths -  Saint Mary's Great Milton Tower Captain

We enjoy special events, visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral and their magnificent Bells, Summer Barbecues, Ten pin Bowling, and going to the Pub.

Being a member of the Great Milton Tower is being part of a team that enjoys ringing and enjoys many social activities.

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